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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association


Road plan from Annual Meeting

You can click here to download the road plan that was presented at the Annual Meeting. It is in pdf format for availability to everyone.


Winter Roads

We put a pile of gravel for the icy roads in front of Larry Miracle’s house.

It is about 60 five bucket gallons big, and we will try to add to it periodically.
Rob and I will try and add some sand to the roads in that area as needed, but any homeowner can use it on the roads as they see fit.

This is obviously not meant to take the place of the sanding truck, but can be used on small areas, for emergencies, or when the sanding truck is broken or otherwise unavailable.

As a reminder, the sanding truck cost $65 an hour two years ago, $95 an hour last year, and now it’s $130 an hour.

If we can “self sand” some smaller areas as needed, it can save the HOA  some of your hard earned dollars.  

Contact Jim Byler or Rob Shelton if we can be of help.

Winter Driving

Download the OSHA Safe Driving tips here.

There are also lots of other tips:

Keep a shovel in your vehicle; In summer for fires, in winter for digging out yourself or a neighbor.

Good traction tires are necessary up here all year round. It is strongly recommended (just short of required) that residents have 4x4’s. A good deal of the road damage is from 2 wheel drive vehicles skipping and spinning their tires.

Road Courtesy:
Remember, the vehicle coming up hill has the right of way. Especially on the steep grade, stop and see if someone is coming up first. Wait at the top for the road to be clear before descending.
On narrow stretches of road, try not to crowd the other vehicle. Wait for them to pass.

Basic Speed law is in effect:
In addition to absolute speed limits, Utah's "basic speed law" provides that a person may not operate a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the existing conditions, giving regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing.
So, 5 mph might be too fast.
If you find yourself in the ditch, you were probably going
too fast for the conditions.

If you do need to Call Bulloch’s for a tow or pull out,
They will have you fill out their Property Damage Release Agreement.
You can download it here.

The HOA  ‘road work day’ on Saturday April 6 was a huge success!

We met at just before 9 AM. There were about 20 members with 2 backhoes,

a personal tractor, and later another personal tractor.

We learned a lot and will be using that knowledge in future workdays.

We had food, fun and got to know each other. And a lot of work was done.

 We were able to fix most of the northern section of High Mountain View, smooth out

and fill potholes on Cedar Highlands Dr down to about Aspen.

We also smoothed and filled to hairpin just above Jay’s house.

In all the areas worked, the ditches were cleaned and should alleviate most future road damage.

All in all, it was a very good day.

Picture will follow soon.

Winter Roads

 Driveway Snow Removal

This list is provided as a convenience for homeowners.

These individuals have expressed an interest in clearing driveways of snow.

The HOA does not and cannot endorse any individual or company.

Cedar Highlands HOA takes NO Responsibility for any claim arising

out of the work done by these individuals.

All Liability is between the Contractor and Individual Homeowner.

Shane Bulloch with Bulloch Dirt Works, Inc

Cell: 435-559-0069  Office# 435-867-4472

Roger Smith 435-691-9225

Bad news

Over the weekend the sander truck was vandalized the Weekend of March 24th. If you have any information, or saw anyone or anything suspicious, please contact a member of the board.

A police report is going to be filed.

Pictures here

- - - - - - - - -

  We are always monitoring the weather and road conditions closely.

As a reminder, 6 inches of snow is when we make the decision to call for a plow.   It if is late in the day when  the snow measures 6 inches, we will  plow the next morning if possible.

PLEASE……observe all winter driving safety precautions. You know what they are, slow, be prepared, help others if needed. We are a community, not just individuals.