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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association

To: All my fellow residents of Cedar Highlands                          4/20/2020

From: Mayor Jim Byler

I find it unfortunate that I have to write this email, but I must set the record straight.

I was contacted today by many angry citizens, believing they had received a letter in the mail, sent by me. The return address listed my name, my wife’s name and our home address, as if I mailed it. When opened, it was clear it was nothing more than an anonymous “hit piece” directed at the Town Council and myself. It was filled with completely false accusations, and the same tired and debunked arguments against disincorporation.

Accusing this Town Council of financial malfeasance, when in fact we cleaned up all the financial improprieties from the past administration, is just one example of how ridiculous it is. Just to be clear, the anger was not directed at me, but at the person, or persons, who tried to pull off this deceptive stunt.

There has been no “bullying” or “intimidation” as described in the email. Just the opposite. I have had open and honest discussions with many of our residents, including those who disagree with me. They have always been respectful and productive, and to say otherwise is completely untrue. I am always ready and willing to have an open and honest debate at any time, with anyone. I do not hide behind anonymous cheap shots. I doubt if this person has ever attended a town council meeting, and clearly has no clue what this council has done to bring open and honest government to our community.

It is completely unethical, not to say cowardly, to mail an anonymous letter using my name. Considering it was done while I was out of town, taking care of my critically ill son, makes it especially reprehensible.

I also believe this letter may cross the line into illegal behavior, including identity theft and election fraud. We should not condone this type of activity in our community.

Cedar Highlands is a great community, filled with many wonderful people I count as friends. Unfortunately the town of Cedar Highlands was formed based on numerous falsehoods and outright lies. We have had years of hate and discontent as a result. It clearly has brought out the worst in people, not the best. I know people of goodwill will not condone this type of activity, and this attempt to deceive our community will backfire.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.




A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from our former mayor, Steve Swann, which had an agenda explaining why we should remain a town. This email contained a lot of good information.

I latter received a follow up call from Simon Saw. I asked Simon to send me documents supporting this agenda. He said he would, but didn’t.

Yesterday I received a letter written by a group called “Citizens With Sense”, that had the same agenda that Steve Swann HHS’s sent out. This group should be called “The Fraudulent, Cowardly Citizens “. Why you may ask.

1) It is mail fraud when you send out mail in someone else’s name. Using the Byler family envelope was an act of Fraud.

2) You are cowards, and you made yourselves TARGETS thru your cowardly act.

3) Cowards can be the worst kind of bullies. If you think that by doing something in secret is not bullying, you are gravely mistaken. Your cowardly act was played on our current mayor, whose family is working thru a huge family health crisis, and you played the cowardly bully card. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

4) This letter takes all of the credibility out of Steve Swann’s agenda—sorry Steve.

5) In Wyoming we call these kind of citizens, “steers”, because they have lost their manhood and follow along like sheep.

If you are going to put forth or follow an agenda, you need to be strong enough to stand up and be counted. If you want to stand on my doorstep and intimidate me, feel free to come, otherwise crawl back into your secret, cowardly holes. 

Sorry, but to me you are “Citizens With No Sense“, and you need to step forward and own up to your cowardly act.

Thank you 


To whom it may concern:                                                                         4/21/2020

I read the letters by Jay Hampton and Jim Byler. I liked them both very much.

I would like to add that not only were Jim and Cynthia victimized, but some letters were also mailed out listing Jeanne, myself, and my mother as the sender of the hit piece. So we are also victims.

They even mailed a letter to me from me. I don’t even know what to think of that.

I want everyone to know in the community that we may have differences on a particular issue. We should however respect one another and no one should feel they are being bullied or the victim of bigotry.

Like Jay Hampton said, this tactic is in itself bullying.

Whoever, committed this senseless act, I want you to know that it will not be tolerated.

As a victim, I filed a complaint with the postmaster and the letters are being forwarded to the Postal Inspector.

Also, putting out political pamphlets and organizing politically requires you register with the Lt. Governor under Utah law.

So whoever it is in our community that is exercising this very poor judgement, you need to cease your illegal and bullying conduct immediately.

I am prepared to courteously debate anyone on the merits of dissolving the town. I will not disrespect you like you have done to myself, my wife, my mother, and the Byler family.

Let’s try to move forward and end this pettiness. We are all adults here.

Rob Shelton

April 21, 2020

An open letter

to the members of “Citizens with Sense and Citizens for Save OUR Town”

(the grammatical error is not my own)

Yesterday, I went to the post office and was surprised to have a letter from Jim and Cynthia Byler. Their names were printed as the return address.  I imagined it was a thank you for a donation to Go Fund Me for their son who for the last few months has been battling a life-threatening disease. I went to the car and returned a call from Jim Byler.  I had not opened the letter.  When he told me what was in the unsigned letter and that it came from a group of our neighbors, I couldn’t believe it.  Neighbors of ours could choose to perform an illegal, immoral and despicable act for political gain?  Really?  To disparage Jim and Cynthia Byler who have been exhausted with indescribable pain, worry and sorrow over their son’s disease, with an attacking letter of untruths misrepresentations, and vitriol, pretending this came from them?  How low can you members of “Citizens with Sense, and Citizens for Save Our Town” go? ((Jim Byler, by the way, continued to perform the responsibilities of Mayor in his limited time.)

As the only remaining original Town Council member, I’d like to say that something as malevolent and cheap as this has never happened, until now.

I ask that you members of “Citizens with Sense and Citizens for Save Our Town” write an apology to the Byler’s and to say who you are, not just the front people but those who are behind encouraging others to act.  The letter and the list of names needs to be placed on the Cedar Highlands Town Website.  The names of everyone involved needs to be known to return this community to being a group of respectful, civil and honest people.


Susan Allman,

Council Person 3,

 and Mayor pro tem when needed

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Our own Bob Havens has produced a video on winterizing your mountain property for those of us who are not going to stay in the house over the winter.

You can view it at: https://youtu.be/Iu9_2WziN-k

Thanx Bob

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