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Cedar Highlands Homeowners Association

Road Advisories

Winter is here:

From the Webmaster: You guys and gals know the drill. Drive slow, carry or use your chains, have a shovel with you, and if you see somebody off the side, try to help or call for assistance. Do not get yourself hurt. Better to call a tow truck than that.


If you haven't been following the weather, a major winter storm is expected to hit our community starting Tuesday night and lasting thru Friday morning. We can expect one to two feet of snow, along with high winds.  There is no doubt that travel up and down our mountain roads will be severely impacted. Cedar City may get a foot of snow. The timing of when we plow will depend on conditions, but there is no doubt that driving without the proper equipment, including 4-wheel drive, snow tires and/or chains will be impossible at certain times. Please plan accordingly, and if at all possible, minimize your driving during this period of time.

Despite all this, I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.



This is where we will put all information concerning road conditions, including, Snow conditions, road closures, road construction, etc.

Real time (or close to it) posting is much easier to do on FaceBook. If you have FaceBook go to the HOA page (www.facebook.com/CedarHighlandsHOA) to see the latest posts.